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Hx stomp screen size Don't be fooled by its size and appearance - the Stomp is every bit as powerful as its larger counterparts, and Line 6 haven't skipped out on the quality of the effects and amplifier modeling either. Line 6 HX Stomp. Line6 HX Stomp (black). Shenzhen Hong Xian Display Technology Limited sell 3.5 inch IPS LCD screen Transflective LCD screen 120 brightness 480*640 resolution 40Pins TTL interface Display color 262K small size LCD screen industrial display LCD screen assembly screen . Join Free | Sign In. hxwydisplay.panelook.com Free Member. Home Product List Company Profile Certificates. The Bypass Assign screen looks very similar to the Edit screen : • Pressing a Stomp mode footswitch • Moving a connected expression pedal ... Smaller buffer size results in lower latency, however, also increases the demands on your computer,. Line 6 has unveiled the HX Stomp , a downsized version of its flagship Helix processor that features the same HX Modelling.
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